What is coaching and is it right for you?

Coaching works on the basis that we’re all experts on ourselves – we know better than anyone the best approach to help us navigate life’s challenges. But we often need someone else to hold up a mirror so that we can see what’s going on. Someone who has only our best interests at heart, who can challenge the beliefs that are holding us back, help build our confidence and help us think more creatively.

Coaching helps us grow. It helps us understand what makes us tick, what matters to us and who we are when we’re at our best. It helps us access the most powerful version of ourselves, enabling us to make the right decisions more quickly. It helps us identify our own individual purpose so that we can make intentional choices about the career and lives that we want and to have confidence in the choices we make.

A good coach can help us see the behaviours and patterns we’ve constructed for ourselves. We can then decide if we want to keep them (if they are working for us) or how to let go of them if they are holding you back. Coaching isn’t counselling and it’s not therapy – although it can be therapeutic. It’s forward looking and goal focussed, and my clients come away with strategies, tools and techniques to use in their daily life.


“Our coaching sessions encouraged me take a step back and look at sometimes very basic things about how I view the world and my place in it, and the habits I’ve built up over a lifetime, and question how those things were working for – or against – me. The result has been real change in the way I view my behaviours and my values, and the decisions I make about harnessing these to my advantage rather than constantly standing in my own way. You seem to really care about people, and it was nice to be viewed as a person who needs kindness in order to achieve personal development – and that you recognise that change is difficult.