“Working with Lisa has had a profound impact on the way I think about myself and my career. Her compassionate, intuitive, perceptive straight-talking coaching has unlocked a new depth of confidence that has helped me discover the courage to write my own future when I previously relied on others to decide it for me. As a result, I’ve opened up a new chapter in my career and have found real contentment. I can’t recommend Lisa highly enough.”

Managing Director, London

“Having reached a crossroads in my long career, juggling people problems and mid-life angst, I was directed to Lisa. I approached coaching with a sceptical heart. I feared a long, drawn-out emotional roller-coaster detailing my past, my emotions and decision-making. I could not have been more wrong. Seven months later, I remain in the same role, same life but with a truer and happier outlook on my ‘whole-life’. Lisa created a safe and real environment and she guided me through the journey with patience, empowerment and genuine open and honest positivity. The engagement was deeply personal and tailor-made to me. I discovered that I had the power, the skills and the desire to be a real version of myself and that I wasn’t broken and didn’t need ‘fixing’. I simply needed to rediscover self-belief and to keep moving forward. I wish I had found Lisa years ago and will continue to ‘top’ up the forward thinking and never look back. “

Business Director, warwickshire

“My coaching sessions have made me a better leader and have changed the way I manage people and situations. I am able to step back from tricky moments and see them differently, which enables me to change my response. It is incredibly powerful. Things that made me anxious or stressed before no longer bother me. Alongside excellent coaching techniques, Lisa has exceptional intuition and an ability to spot opportunities in every session.   She is kind and compassionate, strong and wise – everything you need in coach to move you powerfully into a place of self knowledge. “

Global Business owner, London

“Lisa's coaching is gentle but firm, and insightful.  She asks the questions that make you address issues, problems, questions, and then helps you work towards the answers or improved scenarios.  She makes you work and holds you accountable.   Her coaching was key to helping me move away from - and work through - a very bad career experience.   She made me acknowledge and 'combat' my inner saboteurs, and basically helped me to re-calibrate and rebuild.”

Communications Director, London

Lisa has had a transformative effect on my professional and personal life.  Sometimes it has been uncomfortable placing a magnifying glass on parts of my life, but I have found it refreshing to have a new perspective and see my life through a new lens. Her coaching has unearthed a confidence in me which has helped me to manage life’s unexpected challenges.”

Global Marketing Director, London

“My coaching with Lisa has been invaluable at a time of change in all aspects of my life. The coaching has challenged me, is thought provoking and it has given me tools to address complex situations differently from before with better outcomes. I look forward to it every time.”

Communications Director, London

“You come out of the sessions feeling really positive - her coaching really gives you a chance to re-root with the fabric of yourself, what makes you you, what you need for sustainable, long term contentment. The sessions challenge you; but you leave totally reinvigorated and uplifted – each session opens my mind and perspectives, inspiring new sparks – new things I’d like to achieve, routes I’d like to pursue and directions I’d like to go in.”

Marketing Manager, London

“Our coaching sessions encouraged me take a step back and look at sometimes very basic things about how I view the world and my place in it, and the habits I’ve built up over a lifetime, and question how those things were working for – or against – me. The result has been real change in the way I view my behaviours and my values, and the decisions I make about harnessing these to my advantage rather than constantly standing in my own way. You seem to really care about people, and it was nice to be viewed as a person who needs kindness in order to achieve personal development – and that you recognise that change is difficult.

Marketing Manager, London

Lisa’s coaching made me realise that 'one day' can be 'today'. My life has unequivocally changed for the better and since coaching I have gone on to complete an intensive meditation course, start running and complete my first marathon, none of which would have happened without Lisa’s positivity and guidance. I am a different person now compared to the person who started coaching.  I am more self-assured, and growing in self confidence. Lisa is a very good listener and she doesn't let you breeze over things, there were certain moments when I would say something and she would stop and make me listen to it - positive and negative things which was incredible helpful. She's also funny, she laughs, she's a 'real' human and that is SO important.

Journalist, London