Personal Coaching

I can help you excel in your career, and find a job that you love. You’ll develop the self-awareness to know what energises you – and what doesn’t. Working with me will help you learn how to manage imposter syndrome, thrive at work and develop effective boundaries, enabling you to manage stress, avoid burnout and succeed on all fronts.

As well as helping you learn how to quieten your Inner Critic – that hyper critical, harsh voice that kicks in whenever we’re under pressure, or out of our comfort zone – you’ll find out who you are when you’re at your best. And you’ll learn how to quickly access this powerful version of yourself, helping you to make the right decisions more quickly. You’ll identify your own individual purpose so that you can make intentional choices about the career and life that you want and to have confidence in the choices you make. And if you think it might be time to move into a new career – but you’ve got no idea what that might be – I can help you explore what’s next.

I’m a big believer that work is one part of our lives, but it’s not our whole lives. Work can be addictive and engaging, compelling and exciting. If we let it, it can take over. Our relationships can suffer, and we can end up believing that work is everything. I help my clients be more effective at work and have more fulfilling lives, helping you re-awaken and nurture those areas of your life that you might have neglected while you’ve been working hard. I help my clients remember who they were before they became their jobs, and to discover who they want to be now.

The people I work with are often at the top of their game, starting or expanding their own businesses, running their own departments or companies, moving up the career ladder or they might be at a crossroads in their career. Able to take charge and build rapport quickly, I bring compassion, honesty, clarity and warmth to my coaching, and my clients notice a difference from our first session.

As well as improving resilience you’ll also learn how to spot and manage your own “trigger” points, and learn how to get back on track when things go wrong. I can help you get better at rolling with the punches – the things that life throws at us. Using techniques backed up by neuroscience, we explore what makes you tick, who you are when you’re at their best, and how to harness that self-awareness to become more effective.

My coaching is goal focussed – with clear objectives and desired outcomes set right at the start, ensuring we’re both clear about what you want my coaching to help you achieve. This highly professional, robust approach is in part due to my business experience. I’ve been part of Executive Teams, reported to CEOs and led high performing teams. Business School educated, I know what it’s like to work in a fast-paced environments, to have targets, multiple stakeholders and complex operating environments. All this experience provides the backdrop to my coaching. It doesn’t play a part in my coaching sessions, but it does help me understand what’s needed to succeed.

Typically, I suggest a programme of twelve sessions as a minimum, as in my experience this is how long it takes to create lasting impactful change, but I will also create bespoke programmes depending on client requirements. As well as coaching clients face to face, I also coach over the phone, and via the Zoom (video) platform.


“My coaching with Lisa has been invaluable at a time of change in all aspects of my life. The coaching has challenged me, is thought provoking and it has given me tools to address complex situations differently from before with better outcomes. I look forward to it every time.”


“Lisa’s coaching made me realise that 'one day' can be 'today'.”