Executive Coaching


I can help your teams excel at work, find their own authentic style of leadership, and build their confidence. My coaching helps the people I work with make a greater impact at work and bring a sharper focus to the things that really make a difference to the businesses they work in. The result is improved productivity and improved performance. My clients feel more motivated, have greater control over their own emotions and know how to dial up their strengths.

Using techniques backed up by neuroscience, we explore what makes them tick, who they are when they’re at their best, and how to that harness self-awareness to become better and more authentic leaders. They will gain clear insight into their own development areas (and practical strategies to address them) and an enhanced ability to manage their own stress levels in a positive way.

I coach within global PR agencies and media businesses and my business has grown incrementally – testament to the results I achieve. My clients are often at the top of their game, running their own departments or businesses, or they’ve been identified as future leaders.

Able to take charge and build rapport quickly, I bring compassion, honesty, clarity and warmth to my coaching, and my clients notice a difference from our first session. I am experienced in helping my clients develop greater self-awareness and a better understanding of how to realise their individual purpose, strengths and values, both for their own benefit, and for the organisation they work for. As well as improving their resilience, their ability to manage stress, and avoid burnout, they also learn how to spot and manage their own “trigger” points, and work out how to get back on track when things go wrong.

My coaching is goal focussed – with clear objectives and desired outcomes set right at the start of the programme, ensuring both client and organisation are aligned in what they want our partnership to achieve. This highly professional, robust approach is in part due to my business experience. I’ve been part of Executive Teams, reported to CEOs and led high performing teams. Business School educated, I know what it’s like to work in a fast-paced environments, to have targets, multiple stakeholders and complex operating environments. All this experience provides the backdrop to my coaching. It doesn’t play a part in my coaching sessions, but it does help me understand what businesses – and the people who work in them – are experiencing and how to succeed.

Typically, I suggest a programme of twelve sessions as a minimum, as in my experience this is how long it takes to create lasting impactful change, but I also create bespoke programmes depending on client requirements. As well as coaching clients face to face, I also coach over the phone, and via the Zoom (video) platform.

“You come out of the sessions feeling really positive - her coaching really gives you a chance to re-root with the fabric of yourself, what makes you you, what you need for sustainable, long term contentment. The sessions challenge you; but you leave totally reinvigorated and uplifted – each session opens my mind and perspectives, inspiring new sparks – new things I’d like to achieve, routes I’d like to pursue and directions I’d like to go in.”