I love coaching’s power to transform my client’s lives, careers and businesses. Whether it’s helping an under pressure executive lead from their best self, an entrepreneur navigate their way through their business expansion, or helping a client gain the confidence to have more presence at work, it’s incredibly fulfilling. 

Before I became a coach, I worked in PR & Communications, most recently as a Communications Director for a media business. I loved my work. It was exciting, demanding, and often adrenaline fuelled. So what led me to quit?

I’d been lucky enough to experience brilliant coaching both as a student at London Business School and later in my career, and I found coaching to be incredibly powerful. I’ve always been interested in what makes people tick, and in 2017, I decided it was a good time to add another string to my bow and began my coach training. I trained with CTI – the world’s largest coach training and leadership development school. 

I quickly fell in love with coaching and throughout 2017, coached clients in addition to my day job as a Communications Director.  When my clients started transforming their lives - moving countries, changing jobs, growing in confidence – I realised that not only did I love coaching, but also that I was good at it. After a lot of soul searching (and some fantastic support from my own coach), I decided to follow my heart and coach full time. 

In January 2018, I started my business and I haven’t looked back. I qualified as a Certified Co-Active Professional Coach (CPCC) with CTI, and I’m an accredited Strengthscope coach. I’m also ORSC (Organisational Relationship Systems Coach) trained and as well as coaching partnerships and teams, I create, develop and deliver workshops.

I’m also delighted to be part of Ladder Talent - a recruitment, training and diversity company. Find out more here: Ladder Talent

“Lisa's coaching is gentle but firm, and insightful.  She asks the questions that make you address issues, problems, questions, and then helps you work towards the answers or improved scenarios.  She makes you work and holds you accountable.   Her coaching was key to helping me move away from - and work through - a very bad career experience.   She made me acknowledge and 'combat' my inner saboteurs, and basically helped me to re-calibrate and rebuild.”