The stories we tell ourselves aren't always true

On a regular basis, I notice a theme popping up across several of my client coaching sessions, which is usually something that’s going on for me at a personal level.

This week, it’s this: That the stories we tell ourselves aren’t always true.

They might feel like the truth, and we might think they’re the truth. But usually, we’re looking at an issue from a perspective that we’ve chosen. Or a perspective that our inner critics have chosen for us (those harsh, negative voices that result in us talking to ourselves in a way that we wouldn’t dream of talking to anyone else).

If this feels like something that you do (and most of us do it, because we’re human), getting curious and asking yourself these questions can sometimes provide you with new insight:

1. What perspective am I in right now? Where am I coming from when I’ll looking at this issue?

2. How is being in this perspective serving me? What are the pros? And what are the cons?

I thought I might start sharing these themes weekly, or fortnightly as they show up.

With no agenda other than sharing what works for some of my clients. Feel free to explore if this lands with you.

Lisa Quinn